Unfortunately, subscription fees alone don’t cover the cost of everything we need to pay for, therefore Fundraising is another vital activity for our group to continue to provide the best programme possible for young people.

Without the extra funds, we would not be able to buy new equipment or take part in more frequent and adventurous activities and more camps.

Here at 6th, we have started to form a sub-committee dedicated to fundraising, and we rely on parents, carers and family members to run this committee. Fundraising activities are designed to provide a social element to the Group and allow parents to enjoy themselves, as well as our young people.

If anyone is interested in either volunteering to join the Fundraising Committee at 6th Crawley Scout Group or in helping the Scout Group to organise a fundraising event, then please do not hesitate to contact the GSL.
We also have other ways you can help to support our group, please see below:

Easy Fundraising

We are now on Easy fundraising! There are two ways you can donate and we really appreciate any support you can give.

  1. Click below and give a direct donation via the green button
  2. Click below and raise funds for free through your shopping via the pink button