Half term Bingo

We have reached the last week of term already, and for half term, we have created personalised bingo sheets for both Beavers and Cubs. There will be prizes for anyone who manages to complete their sheets for the first session back!

Don’t worry if you can’t complete everything. Please bring in the sheets on the first session back complete or not, so that we can update the badge records. Those who have more to do can take them back again for completion.

Each person has different tasks depending on which badges still have things to work on. This week everyone will be taking home their badges that they have earned, along with their bingo sheets and worksheets. Please find below copies of the different worksheets and also a link to a problem solving activity that everyone can have a go at. We will also email out copies of the bingo sheets at the end of the week. Please note that for those with a science experiment listed, the one provided is just an idea.

Problem solving:

Escape the fairy tale Part 1

Escape the fairy tale Part 2


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